Kent Public Art Board

The Kent Public Art Board recognizes that public art has the capacity to create opportunities for citizens to engage with their surroundings and each other in meaningful ways, and aims to establish protocol for projects to be initiated, developed, and effectively executed.

Statement of Purpose

This Board will facilitate public art projects in the city of Kent. These projects will energize our public spaces with works that represent the many voices of our community using a variety of themes, styles and media. The overarching goal is to enliven our cityscape for residents and visitors alike, while encouraging them to explore and engage with Kent.

Board Composition & Function

The Kent Public Art Board will operate as a subcommittee under the Main Street Kent Design Committee. The Board, comprised of arts professionals, historians, graphic designers, educators ; will take time, share expertise and work with building owners & artists to bring public art projects to fruition. They will critique, advise, make recommendations, and provide feedback on proposed public art projects. The proposed public art also has to comply with city ordinance 1106.20. After working through the process, a recommendation will be made to the city of Kent Development Planner for a Fine Art Permit. No public art project can proceed without granted this permit.

Contact & Resources

Any inquiries can be emailed to Lesley Sickle by using the button below.