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Meet our Host Katy Thomas

Katy grew up 30 minutes east in Windham, OH and moved to Kent when she attended Kent State University. She has called Kent home ever since. Katy has been a small business owner herself. She started a business for teaching English to speakers of other languages in 2019. Through navigating the complexities of owning her own business, she acquired a deep admiration and respect for those who run and operate local businesses. These days, her day job is helping local businesses through digital marketing strategy with In Transit Studios. She hosts Kent in Good Company on the side for fun. What she loves most about hosting the podcast is hearing the stories of those in her community. She revels in learning how her favorite spots in Kent went from an idea to a success. 

Episode 1 - scribbles coffee

“Meet Scott Budzar, the master rooster at Scribbles Coffee. My favorite part of the conversation with Scott was hearing about the intention behind how they choose where their coffee beans come from. His goal is to support families and small farms all over the world just like the owners of Scribbles, which is a local family business.” 

Episode 2- Daisy Pops

“Dive into the delicious world of cake pops with a special guest – the talented and passionate owner of Daisy Pops, Amy Mucha. Amy let us in on a little secret about the BEST flavor she sells, so definitely listen in to see what flavor that is so you can try it for yourself!”

Episode 3- The Performance Collective

“Meet Stephanie Orwick from the Performance Collective. The Performance Collective provides therapy, counseling, and coaching for all ages. Stephanie had so many important reminders for us about our basic human needs. She even gave us a little insight about ways she helps her clients. How great is it that we have such an important resource right in downtown Kent!” 

Episode 4- Hippie Fox Rocks

“I spoke with Hippie Fox Rocks owner, Jared Abell to hear about what he does and how he got started in the industry of rocks. If you’ve ever walked by Hippie Fox Rocks and thought That store just isn’t my style, this episode might change your mind.”

Episode 5 - The River Merchant

“I had a great conversation with Cameron from the River Merchant for today’s episode. I think my favorite part of our conversation is hearing the story of how The River Merchant got started, which was during the pandemic! It’s a true underdog story, and I know you’ll love hearing it. “

Episode 6 - GRAZERS

“In this episode, we hear about a true self-starter story with Stacey and Carl from GRAZERS. They discussed changing careers from teachers to entrepreneurs and how their passion for good food that anyone can enjoy has paved the way for them to be one of Kent’s food establishment gems. Also, if you mention to them that you listened to this podcast episode, they’ll give you a free chocolate chip cookie with your order!”

Episode 7 - Ray's Place

“In this episode, we are talking about the longstanding hometown hero, Charlie Thomas of Ray’s Place. After our interview, Charlie told me that he always tells people “If you haven’t been to Ray’s, you haven’t been to Kent.” And I can’t agree more! If you’re listening to this episode, you’ve probably been to Ray’s Place before. This is your sign to pay another visit soon!”