Enjoy adult beverages in Kent’s Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area seven days a week, from noon to 11pm, year-round!

What is a DORA?
It is an area where alcoholic beverages are sold by licensed liquor establishments for outdoor consumption during set days of the week and hours of the day. Patrons 21 years of age and older may purchase a beverage in a DORA cup from any participating business and carry it outside within the DORA boundaries. DORA wristbands are provided by liquor establishments at time of beverage purchase. Some general rules of the program:

1. DORA beverages purchased at one bar/restaurant may not be taken into another.
2. DORA cups are to be placed in a recycling bin upon entering another participating DORA establishment.
3. Other businesses may choose whether or not to permit DORA beverages inside.
4. NO other alcoholic beverages may be consumed within the DORA; only those purchased at a businesses within the DORA boundaries, in a DORA cup, are permitted.

Where are the DORA boundaries?

Commencing at the intersection of N. Water St. at Lake/Crain to S. Water St. at Haymaker Pkwy.; W. Main St. at Franklin Ave. to E. Main St. at DePeyster St. Franklin Ave. from W. Main to Summit St. The area includes all sidewalks within or abutting the boundary lines. Pedestrian signs indicate when you’re “entering” or “leaving” DORA boundaries. DORA beverages may not be taken outside the boundaries at any time.

Where can I buy a DORA drink?

157 Lounge
All Folked Up @ The Kent Stage
Bar Lucci
Barflyy Retro Bar & Arcade
Barrio Tacos
Bell Tower Brewing Co.
Belleria Pizza & Italian
Brewhouse Pub
Buffalo Wild Wings
Euro Gyro
NINETEEN10 @ Kent State Hotel & Conference Center
North Water Brewing Company
Over Easy at the Depot
Pacific East
Ray’s Place
Taco Tontos
The Loft
The Pub in Kent
Tree City Coffee & Pastry
Troy Grille
Venice Cafe
Water Street Tavern
Zephyr Pub

Where can DORA drinks be taken?

DORA beverages may not be taken inside another liquor establishment; however DORA beverages may be taken into retailers, coffee shops, and other businesses that do not hold a liquor license, at the business owner’s discretion. Each business has a decal in the front window, indicating the level of participation in the DORA program.

Environment, Health and Safety

The environment and your health & safety are very important to us!
Recycling – Please discard DORA beverage cups in designated recycling bins located outside the entrance to each participating business.
Safety – If you choose to consume alcohol, please do so responsibly, and never drink and drive! Always designate a sober driver or utilize a ride share program/taxi for a safe ride home. If you think you have a problem with alcohol, support and resources are available by calling the Addiction Helpline at Townhall II at 330-678-3006.

DORA is sponsored by Main Street Kent, the City of Kent and The Portager