About Main Street Kent

Main Street Kent is a non-profit organization focused on the revitalization of downtown Kent, OH, and is affiliated with the National Main Street and Heritage Ohio Programs.

Some of the things we do to keep our downtown alive and thriving are:

  • Adopt-A-Spot flowerbed and hanging flower basket program

  • Business facade restoration

  • Graffiti removal & Clean Up Kent days

  • Events showcasing cultural diversity, arts, and fun for all ages

We support local businesses’ marketing efforts, and create events throughout the year that encourage people to shop, eat, and enjoy downtown Kent — because these days, Kent has a lot to offer!

What is Main Street Kent?

Main Street Kent is a non-profit organization that focuses on the promotion, beautification, and revitalization of downtown Kent. The City of Kent, Kent State University, local businesses, and community members support Main Street Kent. Main Street Kent has 12 board members and many volunteers working to improve downtown Kent. Since Main Street Kent’s formation in 2006, dozens of new businesses have opened in downtown Kent, and a hundreds of new full-time and part-time jobs have been created. For every dollar Main Street Kent spends, $27 is returned in private investment.

Main Street Kent’s Mission

Making downtown Kent a fun, vibrant and thriving place!

Our 4-point Approach

Main Street Kent consists of four committees, each with a specific function, to best help downtown Kent.

1. Organization – Build partnerships and combine the talents and resources of diverse groups, such as merchants, educators, public officials and civic organizations, to grow and enhance downtown.

2. Design – Enrich the aesthetics of the community through the thoughtful design and regulation of building and storefronts, signs, landscaping, window displays, etc.

3. Marketing – Shape and strengthen the community’s image so that downtown Kent is an inviting, exciting place for residents, KSU students & faculty, visitors and investors, which will also improves businesses’ sales.

4. Business Enhancement – Strengthen the economic assets of the business district while diversifying its economic base through the recruitment of new businesses to provide a balanced retail mix; conversion of vacant buildings into housing, offices or entertainment or cultural facilities; sharpening of the competitive spirit of traditional merchants